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Sony Check Info by IMEI - [Carrier/Model/Country/Warranty]

Get all the available Sony phone information like Country, Warranty and Model 🔓

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Latest Results

Sony Check Info by IMEI - [Carrier/Model/Country/Warranty]
Device : Xperia E1
Name: Xperia™ E1
IMEI: 355628064927048
Serial: 355628064927048
Model Number: D2005
Color: BLACK
Sales ID: 1280-9110
Warranty Start Date: 15-04-2015
Warranty End Date: April 14, 2016
Manufacture Date: 07-11-2014
Activation Date: 15-04-2015
Activation Country: FR
Sold-to County: FR
Sold-to Company: 179691|La Poste Mobile
2019-06-17 16:01:40.000000
Device : Xperia X F5121
Name: Xperia X
IMEI: 358098073842413
Serial: 358098073842413
Model Number: F5121
Color: Graphite Black
Sales ID: 1303-7842
Warranty Start Date: 19-09-2016
Warranty End Date: September 18, 2017
Manufacture Date: 15-06-2016
Activation Date: 19-09-2016
Activation Country: CA
Sold-to County: CA
Sold-to Company: 181246|WIND WIRELESS
Software Version: 34.2.A.0.333
2019-06-02 10:37:28.000000
Device : XPERIA Z C6616
IMEI: 013701000421121
Serial: 013701000421121
Model Number: C6616
Color: BLACK
Sales ID: 1275-0226
Warranty Start Date: 21-04-2014
Warranty End Date: April 20, 2015
Manufacture Date: 22-02-2014
Activation Date: 21-04-2014
Activation Country: CA
Sold-to County: CA
Sold-to Company: 179026|BDI C/O KUEHNE NAGEL LTD.
2019-05-14 18:02:29.000000
Device : Xperia XZ2 H8216
IMEI: 354683090879854
Model: H8216
Marketing name: Xperia XZ2
Last seen: 2019-04-19 10:31:32
Current version: 52.0.A.8.25

Software info
Name: Pie
Version: 9.0
Status: Latest
CDA: 1313-7943
2019-04-22 13:51:56.000000
Device : Xperia Z5 E6653
IMEI: 354187078557086
Model: E6653
Marketing name: Xperia Z5
Last seen: 2019-04-16 23:00:44
Current version: 32.4.A.1.54

Software info
Name: Nougat
Version: 7.1
Status: Latest
CDA: 1298-5544
Initial Carrier: Retail
Country: BE - Belgium
Factory Simlock Status: Unlocked
2019-04-16 22:43:39.000000