Unlock ALL HTC phones 🔓

Unlock ALL HTC devices locked to any Network worldwide 📲

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Unlock ALL HTC phones

Unlock ALL HTC phones

Unlock ALL HTC devices locked to any Network worldwide
Dial *#06# on your phone keypad to find your IMEI number
We'll send you the result by email
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5 - 60 Minutes
$3.99 USD
Money back

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Once the result is found, we automatically deliver it to your email with detailed instructions on how to unlock your phone.

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Once I unlock my cell phone, will I have to unlock it again after updating it?

No, all of our unlocking services are permanent. You will never have to input an unlock code again. Your cell phone will be permanently unlocked even after updating the firmware or OS.

Why should I unlock my cell phone?

Unlocking your cell phone has many benefits. Aside from being able to use your device with any network, unlocking your cell phone will raise the value of your cell phone! By unlocking your cell phone, you are being more environmentally friendly because others can reuse your unlocked cell phone! Unlocking your cell phone will also have it sell much faster and easier.